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IT-Systems are facing daily new challenges requiring security and high availability, easy to administrate and to comprehend. scope7 appliances fit this all.



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scope7 is a scalable appliance family whose hardware and software was especially designed for firewall and VPN throughput. To provide this, scope7 has been developed as a pure firewall solution.It is a transparent layer 2 firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection on layer 3 and protocol filter on layer 7. Full IPv6 support makes pfSense secure future proof. Professional routing performances as well as excellent fail-over functions realize networkings with Multi-WAN and Multi-LAN connections. scope7 appliances are designed for high availability cluster.


scope7 appliances are managed over a graphical  WEB user interface (GUI), even for overall locations. This makes scope7 interesting for enterprises and organizations with multiple locations. (branch offices)





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